Care & Cleaning


Silver loves dry air.
Our silver jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, the highest quality silver alloy and is nickel-free and allergy sufferers friendly.
If you have chosen the silver-colored version, your jewelry will also be rhodium-plated, meaning it will be dipped several times in a rhodium bath. Rhodium belongs to the platinum group and gives the jewelry its beautiful white color. In addition, the coating protects the jewelry from tarnishing. The gold-plated versions were refined with a gold coating.

Please avoid contact with moist air and water, as moisture accelerates the removal of the rhodium layer and gold plating and also leads to oxidation of your jewel. Moisturizers, perfumes, hair and body products can also promote the oxidation process. The result: the jewelry tarnishes. If silver comes into contact with certain chemicals, cleaning agents and products containing chlorine, it can cause the entire surface to become dark. These stubborn discolorations can only be removed using mechanical procedures (usually by a specialist).

It's best to take off your jewelry when showering, washing your hands, washing up or swimming. When you are not wearing the jewelry, store it in the jewelry box provided as it is safest.


Please remember to be careful with your jewelry when cleaning, as the jewelry has undergone a special surface treatment.

Do not use abrasive/abrasive methods to clean the jewelry. If the piece of jewelry tarnishes/oxidizes, carefully wipe it lengthwise in one direction with a soft cloth (cotton jersey).

If it is more dirty, you can place the jewelry in warm, soapy water for a few minutes and rinse well with clean water. Finally, pat dry with a soft cloth.