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We want you to feel comfortable with our jewelry. That's why we offer you a large selection of different designs, materials and colors. So you are guaranteed to find the perfect piece for you.

Our slogan is It's All About Diversity.

Fiocco Jewelry reflects the symbolism of quality, mutual support and cohesion.

At Fiocco Jewelry we create timeless pieces of jewelry that shine not only through their aesthetics, but also through their unique power. With over 10 years of experience as a specialist salesperson in a renowned goldsmith, I have transformed my love of design and craftsmanship into the creation of high-quality silver jewelry. Our products are made exclusively from the allergy-friendly and nickel-free precious metal 925 sterling silver with multiple 18K gold plating. The silver-colored pieces of jewelry are additionally refined with a rhodium coating - a precious metal from the platinum group.

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Our rings are modern and timeless, individual and expressive.
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Necklaces that make you shine!

Necklaces are more than just an accessory. They are an expression of your personality and style. They can make you look confident and elegant or bold and expressive. Discover your favorites.

Quality is our self-confidence

The longevity of our products is guaranteed by the careful selection of sustainable and high-quality materials. It starts with the idea, right down to the drawing in the smallest detail, modeling the wax models and manufacturing the piece of jewelry. Every single work process is controlled by trained personnel, observing the highest standards and care. High-quality jewelry not only underlines your beauty, but also reflects your individuality through your very own, self-confident wearing style.

Be yourself – absolutely UNIQUE.

Designed in Germany

925/- sterling silver with 18K multiple gold plating

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Whether elegant and timeless, playful and colorful or modern and minimalist – in our collection you are guaranteed to find the perfect earrings for every occasion.